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Gmail Glitch

In a world where the Internet has become an essential part of business, it is not surprising to hear of glitches hitting the news as they affect companies and individuals. The effect of a Gmail glitch can have a devastating effect on those who rely on the service every day.

Today, most of the work which we do is on the Internet. If a problem arises online, our professional and personal life is naturally going to be affected; we cannot connect with the people who matter personally and professionally without access to Gmail or its competitor websites. Though there is certainly no shortage of websites offering free email services, Gmail is one of the most popular ones which is used by millions of people on a daily basis. Because of this, if there happens to be a Gmail glitch, there is the potential for thousands of users to be adversely affected.

There has been more than one instance in the past where a Gmail Glitch has managed to bring the world of Gmail users to a standstill. Such instances are a reminder that whichever services and software you use, you are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Because of this, it makes sense to have a backup strategy which can significantly reduce the risk of losing essential items which are held online and accessed through your Gmail account. Archiving old emails is one simple way to ensure that any loss as the result of a Gmail glitch is minimal.

Instances of Gmail Glitches

There have been quite a few cases in recent times when a Gmail glitch has affected the world of Gmail users.

In March, 2012 one of the major glitches was reported when an approximately 150,000 Gmail users logged into their account to find their accounts wiped clean their mailbox was empty, history was wiped, and so on. This proves the vulnerability of users who could do nothing except wait for Gmail engineers to restore their data. Users who use their Gmail accounts only as a method for contacting acquaintances were largely unaffected by such a glitch but it was a huge loss for those who use a Gmail account as their mode of business correspondence. This is not the first time when such a glitch wiped out the Gmail user accounts, there has been quite a few instances before in 2011 and 2010 when users lost mail information due to a Gmail glitch.

The same month in 2012, Android users noticed a glitch while using the mobile version of Gmail. Most devices which were Android powered would flicker incessantly if the user logged into his or her Gmail account. Though it was not as widespread as some other glitches, it did affect a large number of Android and Gmail users. A similar glitch was noticed by iPad users across the world when users noticed a flicker of pads which affected downloading and uploading of pages on their iPads.

Another instance of a Gmail glitch was in 2010 when messages were resent to recipients more than 4-5 times a day. More than being annoying, the spam boxes were getting overfilled and Google staff were inundated with complaints.

Though Gmail professionals have generally been very prompt when it comes to fixing such glitches, it is harassing for the 170 million approximate people who use Gmail on a regular basis.

Protecting Yourself Against Gmail Glitches

Though it is common to hear about a glitch, it cannot be overlooked that the user has no control over Gmail's servers which store the information. Therefore there is little which can be done if information is lost due to Gmail glitches; this is a common risk for people using Web-based services.

If you want to protect you email account from such glitches, then you can configure one of the mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird; via these mail clients you can download Gmail messages to your desktop. How does this help? This allows the users to store their information from Gmail on a local server which can be accessed by the user in the event of a glitch clearing the Gmail history.

Another preventative measure which can be used by the users is to use a back up application; there are several programs available for this purpose and these can be downloaded for free and can help to restore emails in case a Gmail glitch disables access to the website.

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