Gmail Notifier

The easier way to check your Gmail

Do you spy on my email address or password ?


Do you spy on my emails content ?


Do I need to pay for the software ?

No. It's free and will always be free.

Can I use the software for other email services ?

No. Gmail, googlemail and Google Apps.

How many accounts does Gmail Notifier support ?

Up to 5 Gmail accounts. Read more about Gmail Notifier for multiple accounts.

What form of communication to Gmail is used ?

Using IMAP protocol. For more, read about Gmail IMAP Settings.

Can I access my account from Gmail Notifier ?

Yes. Read here: Gmail Sign In (see also

Can Gmail Notifier handle a large number of unread emails?

1 - 20 unread emails : Gmail Notifier will fetch all emails at one chunk.
21 - 250 unread emails : Gmail Notifier will synchronize with Gmail to track changes only.
251 and higher : Gmail Notifier will only alert for new incoming messages.

* - numbers may vary.

How often does Gmail Notifier check for new emails ?

Every 2 minutes. This means that the average time for notification is one minute.
You can always right click on the tray icon and select 'Check Gmail Now'.

Besides Gmail, are there any connections to the Internet ?

Yes, for three things.

First, when Gmail Notifier starts it reads a settings file that relates to the application behavior (this is because Gmail might change things in the future. There is no reason to expose this to the user).

Second, to download version updates (will be installed only if user choosed to).

Third, to track usage statistics.

Tell me more about the version updates ...

If a major feature is added or a critical bug is found, a new version will be available.


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