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Gmail Notifier Release Notes

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Version was released on 07/04/2011 and it includes the following changes:

- Fixed bug: emails page showing blank page (this bug appeared after installation of IE9 and\or Win7 SP1)
- Added: connection reset every 30 minutes to ensure connectivity
- Enhanced: IMAP commands for delete and mark read are now executed on a different thread, allowing the UI to update instantly, without locking the main thread

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No Alert For Self Sent Emails

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

In case you experienced a situation where you sent an email to yourself (appears as ‘me’), and found that Gmail Notifier failed to notify for it, you should know that there is a technical limitation to the Gmail IMAP service. According to Wikipedia:

“By design, Gmail does not deliver all of a user’s e-mails. When downloading mail through POP or IMAP access, Gmail fails to deliver messages that users have sent to themselves if the client has a copy of it already.”

Gmail Notifier Release Notes

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Version was released on 27/11/2010 and it includes the following changes:

- Fixed critical bug: connection loss without recovering it
- Fixed bug: removing email body from cache after delete or mark read
- Removed: email address validation when adding account

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Gmail Notifier Release Notes

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Version was released on 19/11/2010 and it includes the following changes:

- Support for long email addresses
- Can run even if the website is down
- Fold \ unfold from the tray icon
- Better handling of sleep and wake up
- Better synchronization between the polling thread and the application

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Mailto Links Not Working

Friday, November 12th, 2010

1. Run UAC

2. Disable UAC

Now, open  Gmail Notifier preferences,
and select the ‘Use Gmail for mailto links’.
Once done, you can revert the UAC back to its original status.

The IMAP library I Choosed To Work With

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Gmail Notifier is using IMAP to communicate with Gmail, but I obviously didn’t write an implementation of the IMAP protocol but rather used for something that is ready to work with.
So like about any subject that I wish to dig into, I went to Google to search for an IMAP library. Since the software is written in C++ \ MFC, I had to find a lib that will fit.
So eventually I selected to work with Chilkat software. Although it isn’t an open source project and is a commercial package, it was good because it gave me all I needed and not just the IMAP, but also a solution for encryption and decryption of the user name and password. It also has tons of sample code which was almost good for copy paste. A great over all library but it lacks one important thing, the ability to fetch email body, leaving the attachment (if any) on the server. But it does have the option to send raw IMAP commands so it leaves an open door for that.

Fail to login from Gmail Notifier

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Very early versions of my Gmail Notifier simplified the Gmail login operation by launching the default web browser directly into the Gmail account. Since the software could use the stored password and user name to do that, it was very easy to duplicate the same process that Google did to login. But then one day, Google decided to put an end to this back door and to protect users from using all kind of third party applications that promise to login to the Gmail account. Problem was that some applications actually formed a URL that could really login, but they forgot that browsers cache URLs and keep them in history. So to create a protection that will prevent that from happening, Google added a random factor to each login session. This actually can be referred to as authentication. Now when the entire login process is authenticated, it is impossible to login from an external application like Gmail Notifier.