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Gmail Sign In

One of the advantages of Gmail Notifier, is that it automates the sign in process to your account.
Do it in a click, instead of loading the Gmail sign in page again and again.

1. Press and hold the Ctrl key.
2. Then click on your email account.

This will automatically redirect you to your Gmail account via https, using your default browser.

NOTE: The underlying of the Gmail sign in procedure has changed greatly and Gmail made it nearly impossible to sign in from external tools. Therefor Gmail Notifier will only launch the Gmail sign in page allowing the user to feed his login info.

Gmail Sign In For Multiple Accounts

To be able to switch between your multiple Gmail accounts, go to and select "Multiple sign-in". Then you can register your additional accounts. This will allow you to sign in to any of your Gmail accounts while your browser is opened on your default account.

See also: Gmail Login

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